Audio Transcription & Audio Translation Service in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Gujarat, Pune and across India

Transcription involves a translator listening to an audio or video recording and producing a written version of the recording in the same language. A translation of the written version is then produced in the requested language.

We at Max Language Translations understand the need for urgency and efficiency in transcription and technical translation, and the advantages a fast turnaround can give you. We have an excellent team of professional transcriptionists who can work with any specialized field and can cater to whatever requirements you might have, no matter where you may be in the world or what time it may be. With their education and wide range of experience doing transcription and translation services for various clients worldwide, they can fluently transcribe any and all documents you may have in the most accurate and timely manner.

In addition, Max Language Translations is a company that prides itself on customer confidentiality regarding translation services. We know how sensitive information can be, and we address this by assuring our customers of the highest privacy. Any documents and audio files that you pass on to us for transcription services or technical translation will remain classified and will not be disclosed to any other parties.

We offer Medical Transcription, Technical Transcription and Legal Transcription services.

Our transcription services is not limited to English but covers most of the foreign languges such as French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, German, Italian and others.

Foreign Language Audio Transcription & Audio Translation:

Russian English Russian Transcription Service

Chinese English Chinese Transcription Service

German English German Transcription Service

Spanish English Spanish Transcription Service

Arabic English Arabic Transcription Service

French English French Transcription Service

Korean English Korean Transcription Service

Italian English Italian Transcription Service

Japanese English Japanese Transcription Service

Portuguese English Portuguese Transcription Service

Turkish English Turkish Transcription Service

Indonesian English Indonesian Transcription Service

Thai English Thai Transcription Service

Swedish English Swedish Transcription Service

Dutch English Dutch Transcription Service

Persian English Persian Transcription Service

Pashto English Pashto Transcription Service

Polish English Polish Transcription Service

Indian Language Audio Transcription & Audio Translation:

Marathi English Marathi Transcription Service 

Bengali English Bengali Transcription Service 

Urdu English Urdu Transcription Service 

Hindi English Hindi Transcription Service 

Oriya English Oriya Transcription Service 

Tamil English Tamil Transcription Service 

Bihari English Bihari Transcription Service 

Telugu English Telugu Transcription Service 

Malayalam English Malayalam Transcription Service 

Punjabi English Punjabi Transcription Service 

Gujarati English Gujarati Transcription Service 

Kashmiri English Kashmiri Transcription Service 

Kannada English Kannada Transcription Service 

Assamese English Assamese Transcription Service

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to call us at +91 9167846688 or email us at We are available 24 x 7 and would be happy to answer all your enquiries. 




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