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If you are looking to extend the reach and impact of your content and target to the right audience, we would be able to help you out through our video subtitling service.

Our translators are native speakers of the target language, they are qualified and experienced in the subtitle translation. It not only requires that the subtitler understands the gist of the scene that needs subtitles, but the subtitler must also work within given parameters such as the subtitles should only be two lines long, with maximum of 35 characters per line, and the translated conversations should also be perfectly timed to the conversation going on in a particular scene.

Although native language subtitles are typically verbatim, translated subtitles are often paraphrased to provide the essential meaning of the dialog within the time constraints of the on-screen video, maintaining a comfortable reading rate for the viewer. It is required that subtitles should only stay on screen for a maximum of six seconds. With these demanding requisites, you would realize that it takes more than just language translation skills to create subtitles.

That is why at Max Language Translations, we make it a point to employ a dedicated team of translators who are experts in the field of subtitling. We provide the complete service from transcription, translation, editing and timing.

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